How much pressure do I need for higher yields with my rosin press ?

How much pressure do I need for higher yields with my rosin press ?

Is the pressure important?

The pressure doesn’t impact the yield nearly as much as the quality of the starting material, but it does matter. You can easily control the pressure with your rosin press, we’re going to discuss how to find the best perimeter/area ratio to give you the right amount of pressure for your rosin bag size.

How much pressure does a rosin press need?:

First, we should focus on platen PSI, not pressure/force in general. Secondly, more pressure is not always better. In the past, people used to mistakenly believe that as long as more pressure is provided, more rosin can be made, but in fact, high pressure is not the key to making the best rosin.

Applying too much pressure will cause the plant material to seep into your concentrate, but applying too little pressure will not be enough to separate out the oils,it means loss in yields. Therefore, we need to apply the appropriate pressure. With the appropriate pressure and high-quality flower, we can get a return of 10~25%, or sometimes even as high as 35%.

In our experience, different materials require different pressures.
Best pressure for flower: 600PSI to 1,000PSI
Best pressure for kief: 400PSI to 800PSI
Best pressure for dry sift hash: 300PSI to 700PSI

How to calculate Platen PSI for your Rosin Press:

Dividing the total force by the size of the filter bag, we get the platen PSI, note that it is the size of the filter bag, not the plate size. For example, using our  3x5" rosin press (4 ton capable) with a  2"x4" bag of material,  the rosin press can generate: 4 tons (2,000lbs per ton), or 8,000 lbs of force. We can get the following results:

2"x4" pouch= 8 square inches

4 tons of force= 8,000lbs of force

8,000 lbs / 8 sq in = 1000 Platen PSI

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