Wiped film distillation for a cannabis oil producer


“We need a unit that is easy to maintain and we don't want to waste time repairing the instrument. WTMD-06Pro helped me, now we get better oil. It is great! ”

Joseph, a cannabis oil producer

We met Joseph at the MJbiz Con in Las Vegas. He was very interested in the design of our molecular distillation unit, especially the height of the unit, not only easy to operate but also easy to accommodate/move in the laboratory of any height.

After Joseph visited the whole exhibition, he returned to our booth and described to us in detail the requirements of the equipment he needed. He is a cannabis oil producer and needs an output of 3kg per hour. The equipment he is currently using is 6-inch glass molecular distillation, but because the feeding tube is often blocked, it requires frequent disassembly and assembly, which is very troublesome, he had to purchase an extra feeding peristaltic pump for spare. In addition, he also faced the problems brought by the design of the squeegee. The current squeegee cannot achieve a good shaving film, which greatly affects the output. We then exchanged business cards and agreed on a visit date to help him diagnose equipment problems.


A few days after the exhibition, our engineers came to Joseph's laboratory, which is a professional laboratory with complete personnel, equipment and reasonable division of functional areas. There is a dedicated c1d1 extraction room. We first checked their dried biomass, very high quality, then carefully studied their molecular distillation equipment and found some problems. He has modified the equipment as much as possible, using big brand pumps, constant temperature baths, but some defects of the main body make the operation very inconvenient. We talked for a long time and exchanged some opinions on the equipment. Joseph wanted our engineers to help him improve the equipment.


We recommended our instrument to Joseph because it solved his problem very well. Different from the pump he originally used, we have adopted a pump that is especially suitable for this industry, and its internal structure can be well suited for different levels of raw materials. We also have a stainless steel jacket design, all of which are to ensure the smoothness of the feeding pipe. The design of our scraper is also more advanced, the new design allows the scraper to contact the irregular inner wall, resulting in a better output.


A week after we left, Joseph informed us that his glasswares was all broken and he desperately needed a new set of equipment. We delivered our 6 inch molecular distillation unit to his lab in about 5 days. After a few days, Joseph reported that he had achieved better vacuum. The color of the oil is better. He then ordered another stainless steel equipment from us because he feels the quality of our service and products.


This summer, Joseph will further scale up production and we will have a new collaboration on the extracting washing machine and decarb reactor coming soon.



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