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Flat Plate Filter Centrifuge

WT-N series flat filtration centrifuge’s bowl is based parts,external-motor drives the belt,and make the bowl rotate at high speed to form...
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WT-N series flat filtration centrifuge’s bowl is based parts,external-motor drives the belt,and make the bowl rotate at high speed to form a centrifugal force field.Suspension liquid flow into the bowl from the top of the feeding tube,under the action of centrifugal force,threw to the drum wall,then into the inter-layer between shell and bowl through the filter holes in the bowl.Next,threw into the liquid collection chamber at the bottom of machine,discharged by the drain pipe,and solid phase retained the bowl.For washing,the washing water through the washing tube to wash,solid phase is discharged from the top by hand.
Main Features
Reasonable structure design,simple geometric shapes which can eliminate the health corners effectively,structural parts smooth transition,the surface polished,external components,fasteners and the parts contacting material are made of stainless steel,the shell is clamshell type,which can thoroughly clean the inter-layer between shell and bowl.Base is the flat structure,reducing the machine center of gravity,small size,the shell and base is overall welded form,bearing’s strength is high.Configuration of liquid rubber damper to reduce vibration,which can realize installation without basing.Shell is clamshell model with a large or small,cover with feed tube,washing pipe, light mirror,observation port, and spray systems,it is also equipped with nitrogen protective devices to isolate the machine chamber and outside air.Direct type-specific motor,belt drive eliminates the potential dust,inverter start smoothly, dynamic braking,the whole machine is good sealing performance,anti-explosion,can be applied to toxic and flammable, explosive situation.
Model WT600-N
Drum Diameter 600mm
Drum Thickness 6mm
Drum Height 300mm
Rotating Speed of Drum 1500rpm
Separation Factor 750
Settling Volume in Bowl 45L
Loading Capacity 60KG
Liquid Blocking Plate Diameter 420mm
Bowl Filter Area 0.66m2
Motor Power 4.0KW
Overall Size 1100*1100*1000mm
Net Weight 610KG


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Flat Plate Filter Centrifuge
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